Possible to generate cred only for users with specific NFT?


I’d like to keep my server as public as possible but only allow for sourcecred to tally Cred for users who have a specific membership that requires an NFT. This Cred will come in use in later stages of the product.

Thank you. -Angelo

Hey there Angelo! I’m certainly not the most versed in the inner workings of our algorithms and their capabilities, but I’ll take a stab at giving you some more context. :slight_smile:

When it comes to selectively moderating the flow of Cred, I know that “trust levels” is something we’ve at least pondered/played with in the past and the idea was that certain roles on Discord (one of the platforms our algorithm can scrape data from) could mint different amounts of Cred. For example, if you have a “Community”, “Contributor”, or “Core” role in our discord, that changes how Cred from your emojis flows around (Community being lower impact and Core being higher). I think that maybe if you don’t have a role, then you’re not minting Cred with your reactions at all? Not sure if that applies to recieving Cred though.

Seems like this might be the entry point for building what you’re looking for. Perhaps you could do a work around of some kind where anyone can join your server, but have a bot that requires verification of an NFT in a user’s wallet to gain a “trusted” role or something. Then only the trusted role will be able to interact with Cred. I know the FWB community requires verification that you’re holding a certain amount of their token to be admitted into the server, so perhaps you could find some amalgam of wallet verification and trusted roles?

Like I said, I’m not a developer and I don’t have much insight into how our algorithm actually works, but I have been around for a long time so hopefully what I’m saying is somewhat close to the reality. :sweat_smile:

Curious if @blueridger or @s_ben or @wchargin or @topocount would have better insight and the availability to provide it. (Our high-context dev folks are often low bandwidth.)

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Yeah, this sounds like a great way to integrate your desired functionality with our existing primitives. I suggest pursuing this.

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As LB hinted at, our discord plugin does not use roles to determine who receives cred, only who can give it with discord emojis. If you want to limit who can receive cred based on discord role, that would probably require a feature request, which you can submit here: Sign in to GitHub · GitHub

You’ll still have to write your own bot to give out the discord role as described.

For non-discord plugins, there’s even less support for this sort of thing.


Hey guys!

Also think NFT based cred would be super cool! Just a heads up :slight_smile:

We use NFT badges in the superrare community and that could help a lot categorize our various stakeholders.

Thank you! This is helpful. Will relay to community to see how we want to proceed.