PROPOSAL: Start Anywhere!

I recently created a START HERE page on our Roam knowledge base, to help onboard newcomers get oriented around what SourceCred is, how we use Roam, etc.

Similarly, @LB proposed we have a START HERE category on the Discourse (in the Discourse reorg proposal thread), which is a great idea.

We also have a START HERE channel on Discord.

Suffice to say, I think we should have a START HERE page on all of our main platforms, official website included, and have all of them link to each other. The other day I started drawing a little diagram (yay for Apple Pencil and Procreate):

What structure & content should these START HERE pages have? There should be:

  1. consistency between them all: structure, org-wide content, and clarity of purpose;
  2. platform-specific content to explain the how, what, and why of that particular platform.

Here’s the structure for our Roam’s Start Here page:

  • What is SourceCred?
    • SourceCred’s Mission (TBD)
    • The Vision of SourceCred (TBD)
    • SourceCred’s values (TBD)
  • Useful Links
    • Additional platforms SourceCred uses
  • What we use Roam for
  • How to use Roam
    • Formatting text
    • Creating and linking to pages (notes)

Feedback welcome and wanted! :heart:


Faruk, why is it that I am able to edit this post you wrote?

Huh! Somehow that post was made a Wiki post, allowing anyone with the right permissions (most active users) to edit it. No idea how that happened—I didn’t even know that was a feature of Discourse :joy:

I’ve turned off the wiki state, thanks @Jolie_Ze !