Re-denominating Grain (divide by 100)

I’d like to re-denominate Grain, specifically dividing all Grain amounts by 100.

The reason is simple. Right now we are trying to maintain a price peg between Grain and Dai (which is, in turn, pegged to dollars). However, we have an arbitrary 100x factor, where 100 Grain is pegged to 1 Dai. This makes it needlessly difficult to assess the value of one’s Grain at a glance.

If no-one objects, I will simply change the way we display Grain so that everyone’s balance is divided by 100, e.g. I will have ~60,000 Grain rather than ~6,000,000 Grain. The relative distribution of Grain will remain unchanged.

That would make things easier for now :] Though we should specify how many decimals Grain will support.

On the subject of clarifying, may be a good time to go from “payouts” to “distribution”.