Grain Earnings Calculator

For the purpose of making it easier to find, I’m sharing the Participant Earnings Grain Calculator. Happy Calculating!


wow…nice job! I had a positive shock seeing my grain score since it represents monetary value. As a user, I think it’s a must-have number to be displayed when cred are also mentioned. Getting a reputation score is nice but a reputation score + monetary rewards is :star_struck: awesome! :star_struck:

The sourcecred bot in production that displays your cred score should probably display this number as well. Thinking of you :

cc. the other community champions Maker - @s_ben and 1hive - @befitsandpiper


It makes it possible to understand my own Grain and other people’s Grain for the first time ever!


Amazing work, thank you @topocount!

(Aside: it is better to not use “here” as link texts, and instead just use the Participant Earnings Grain Calculator as the link text, for accessibility purposes.)

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Read this in the style guide on github today! Will fix

This is super cool! How easy was this to set up? Thinking it would provide a lot of value to the folks over at Maker!

I could generalize it across github instances pretty quickly. it’s high on my list of improvements to make, along with some charts to better visualize your payout trends over time.


Personally, I think it would be super cool to have for Maker and might help our users better understand how the SourceCred system is working. I’m happy to run some polling on the feature if that will help and also want to be mindful of Dev cost, so if that is a factor in getting this up and running let me know so I can pitch it and see if we can spare a little DAI for it!

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