Schedule your own SourceCred Jams

The SourceCred team uses Jam Sessions to collaborate closely with a group of people on a specific topic or project. These can include major features we want to build, community culture topics, learning projects, and more. Jams aim to clarify and decide on some important aspects, and usually lead to a handful of action items or next steps.

If you want to schedule a Jam session for the SourceCred community, it’s real easy:

Step 1:
Go to our Calendly page and schedule a Jam Session: Calendly - SourceCred Ops (

Step 2:
Pick a date and time that you have confirmed with 2+ other members. In other words, please don’t schedule a Jam Session unless at least 3 people are all going to be available and committed for that time and date.

Step 3:
For “Name”, enter the name of the Jam Session, not your own name. However, an email address is required to make the booking. If you don’t want to use your own address (because it will be listed in the public event), use instead.

And that’s it! The event title will be listed as "<name> And SourceCred" where the name is what you entered in Step 3.

Jams default to 90 minutes. For a custom-length Jam, contact me (@Faruk) on Discord to request it.