Someone copied our name

Found this: They call themselves Cred LLC and are trying to convince people to lend crypto to them and give personal information in exchange for interest earnings (definitely not using that).

Also found:

Thanks for pointing this out.

It looks like both of these are legitimate organizations, which probably existed before SourceCred. Was kind of expecting to see something similar (the word ‘cred’ is fairly ubiquitous). SourceCred is different enough from just ‘Cred’ that I don’t think this should be a problem, though IANAL (I am not a lawyer). CredCon I guess is taken. We only chose that name recently though, and were calling it something else before. Suppse we can just go back to that. Also, afaik, that is just an informal name for us hanging out in Boulder at EthDenver, doing some strategic planning. So changing the name should be easy.


Thanks for bringing this to our attention! Let’s please make sure to avoid speculating about legal matters.

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Will do!