SourceCred Office Hours Recap (8/14/2019)

Office Hours Notes:


  1. Website redesign

  2. Dogfooding SourceCred progress


Website redesign

@decentralion showed off the new beta website. To choose the final logo colors, they suggested a contest whereby contributors pick their favorite colors. After the meeting, @zixuanzh suggested on dischord a color palette game, where contributors try to guess the color they think will be most popular with other contributors (color selection by schelling point?).


The first couple weeks of the dogfooding experiment (paying contributors based on cred) were discussed. General consensus was that dogfood tastes good pretty good. Decision was made not to advertise dogfood, let it spread by word of mouth. @decentralion reports that the discourse plugin should be done by the end of the month, in time for this post to earn me cred :slight_smile: They also reflect on the difficulty of valuing discourse posts vs. code and other contributions. A generally fascinating convo ensures about the Harberger Grain License (brought to the project’s attention by @burrrata’s 1Hive project), incentives, valuation frameworks, forms of power, the dictator succession problem and cybernetics theory–too much to write up here, if you want more of that come to the next office hours!


Wow that sounds lit af. I wish I’d been there :slight_smile:

Come to the next! They’re scheduled every two weeks, though Web3 may bump the next one…