"SourceCred's Guide to Community Cryptoeconomics"

No matter how well SC itself works, there are always attack spaces for bad actors and pathological emergent system behaviors. This is to be expected, which makes me think there’s an important non-tech component to SC which is facilitating transmission of cryptoeconomic intuition/wisdom between communities. Along the way, SC is going to learn a lot, and it seems worthwhile to log this in some form.

I’m not sure what form this would take, but wanted to get the ball rolling on ideas. To be more specific, here are the general questions communities might ask that share common patterns we can address:

  1. What do I need to know when launching a SC instance in practice? This includes everything from weight configuration to maintaining community culture around the use of SC.

  2. What common systems traps do communities fall into? How has our experience—along with the communities we’ve worked with—help future communities preempt such traps?

  3. My community has fallen into X behavior, how do I remedy this? How have communities dealt with catastrophe? What has worked? What hasn’t?

I don’t want to rush into any specific implementation or action. It could be interesting to build a “Hitchhikers Guide to Community Cryptoeconomics”. Ultimately, we’re thinking about wisdom transmission through communities, and everything comes down to the medium itself.