Timeline Freshness

At the time of posting the Cred Timeline showed that I had 13.6% of Cred, but the week 15 data (which was just released) only shows 11.8%. Is this because the Week 15 page only reflects data up to a certain point in the past, but the timeline data is fresher? Also, how often is the timeline data/chart updated?

Cred is calculated on week-long intervals. The Cred Timeline shows an incomplete interval, which is why it basically always shows a cred downturn in the most recent week… that most recent week is only 1/7th finished*. The cred payout is only based on completed weeks.

We can see this explicitly by comparing the numbers on the second-to-last week on the UI…

to the “weekly cred” column in the notebook:

The timeline data is updated every week, when I do the weekly payouts (usually monday). Currently it’s a manual process that I run by hand. We should aim to automate this (and update more regularly). Also, we should update the frontend so it is more clear that the most recent data point is an “incomplete week”.

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Cool. Created a thread in #the-credsperiment:initiatives-wish-list for this: