Widgets 0.1.0 release

Widgets 0.1.0 release

Status: proposal


Initiative Description:

sourcecred/widgets has been around as an experiment for a while and sees some usage. This initiative outlines the most critical improvements and some packaging steps needed to get to it’s first release and support it going forward.


Widgets are a nice way to thank contributors, or show off how cool SourceCred is.


Packaging up a release will make it easier to use and match with a compatible “core” SourceCred version.

For example:

  • v0.4.0 of SourceCred supports the v0.1.0 scores format.
  • v0.5.0 of SourceCred will likely use v0.2.0 of the scores format.

Widgets v0.1.0 would support both scores formats, so it would be compatible with SourceCred v0.4.0 and v0.5.0.

Implementation plan:

Related work is also defined in the GitHub milestone: https://github.com/sourcecred/widgets/milestone/1

  1. Support the changes from the v0.2.0 scores format.
  2. Tackle some critical issues.
  3. Package as a versioned release.

Please provide feedback on the suggested steps if you see any more critical needs.

Estimated Work (hours):

Currently uncertain, as the scope of the release is still open for feedback.



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