Art Archive



  • The Art Archive is a node to represent and flow Cred to all the Art related things that get stored in SourceCred’s public Google Drive folder.


  • We need an easy way to keep track of art and media related to SourceCred. We explored using an Art GitHub repo, but that didn’t seem to be working to well. Now we’re going to try creating an Art Archive artifact for all SourceCred related art. There will be a public SourceCred folder that Trust level 4 SourceCred community members have write access to and the public has read access to. SourceCred community members will add art to the folder and then link to the art in the Artifact for the Art Archive adding the appropriate author credits.


We tried using GitHub - sourcecred/art: visual assets and art for SourceCred, but determined that the GitHub UI/UX was not friendly for non-code related things.

We are exploring creating a Shared Google Drive to allow SourceCred Gsuite members to add art and the public SourceCred community to view and download said art.