Artistic rendering of SourceCred contribution graph

Was reading through @s_ben’s post on DAOs and SourceCred and came across @Brutalfluffy’s artistic interpretation of SourceCred. This is really cool, but I hadn’t seen it on the forum anywhere. Adding it here so that @Brutalfluffy can get some Cred for it :slight_smile:

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Here’s a higher res version I found when considering using the same image for the podcast. Curious if Discourse resizes it. Per the last community call, eventually we want to put all art (at full resolution) in a separate GitHub repo, as well as having the Discourse posts as well to create nodes in the graph.

Tossing in the latest versions by @LB


Yep, that’s the intention! However, we ran into issues around GitHub usability that blocked any art from actually making it into that repo. Hopefully with your work on the playground and GitHub contributors guide, we’ll be able to make it past these issues. :slight_smile:

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