SourceCred Banner Art

I made some (hopefully) useful SourceCred art banners. I thought y’all may like to have them for stuff like websites, podcast covers, PowerPoint presentations, name/role cards, etc. Feel free to snag these and put your own info overtop of them. :slight_smile:

Lmk if you find these useful, or if there’s a different version of these that would be more useful to you, and I can make more.

Always open to ideas, suggestions, and requests!


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Flowing cred back to the post for logo designs, where I got the images for these banners.


Love em!

@LB, would you be open to putting together a Google Slides template for SourceCred? Using assets like these we could have really snazzy presentations. For reference here is the presentation I gave at the Berlin open-source salon… I just used a plain black background since we didn’t have anything SC-specific.

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I could probably do that, I’ll take a look!


Great stuff…would use for the podcast, but the platforms I’m uploading to just want a square image they use as a thumbnail, e.g. Spotify,

These images will be great though for any time we need to combine text or other elements with the SourceCred logo/aesthetic.


I can definitely also keep creating square canvases art for stuff like the podcasts. :slight_smile: