SourceCred Sticker run

Since my trial run of SourceCred stickers with Sticker Mule was successful, have ordered another batch. Since nobody took me up on my offer to vote on designs from the SourceCred Color Exploration game, have just gone with my favorites :slight_smile: As shown below, I’ve ordered batches of 10 (the smallest run they’ll do) for 6 designs, of varying sizes. They’re due to arrive the day before I leave for EthDenver, so hopefully we’ll have them for the conference :crossed_fingers:

NOTE: Not expecting to be repaid expenses on this one, as it’s small enough that I’m willing to bet it will eventually acrue enough Cred to pay me back (perhaps even with small profit:). OK if not.

Game Plan

These stickers intentionally do not have ‘SourceCred’ on them. This is to reduce typical logo noise seen at conferences, and also to add some mystique. Plan is to bomb EthDenver with these stickers in clever, strategic places (think out of the box; bike racks, coffee shop bathroom, collections of other conference stickers…anywhere it will be seen and and appreciated, but not in places some poor person will have to grudgingly scrape off later)… People will see different variations of the design, but wonder what project it’s from…then eventually recognize it’s SourceCred when they see a presentation with the full logo, social media, etc.

"Contest" winners

And the winners of my self-created contest (and micro cred recipients) are…(drumroll)…

@jessicaschilling with EarthCred.

@ericronne for two entrants, earth and zeotrope

@Bex for Untitled

@AdrienDLT for Untitled

And @s_ben (me) for Green Version (is this cheating? can I reference my own stuff?)

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Not sure if this is helpful in terms of timing, but Sticker Giant ( is comparable to Sticker Mule in pricing (or at least last time I ordered stickers) and they’re located in Longmont, CO – close to Denver.

Good tip. Admittedly was in a rush and didn’t do much research, so this could be better. Will check them out if I do another run (Sticker Mule order already in).