SC Sticker Test Run

Made a test run of stickers for CredCon. For the initial batch, I did the minimum number (10) and went with a small size (1.5" x 1.5").

I went with the main logo; though the plan is to print some select designs from the SourceCred Color Exploration game (deets below).

Here’s a blurry pic of the finished product, which I think came out pretty good! These are higher quality stickers printed on vinyl, which should be weather resistant and last a long time. Used Sticker Mule, which is a little pricier than other vendors, but has fast turnaround (4 days for this round). This run of 10 stickers cost $15.

I figure these smaller stickers could be good for laptops, e.g. mine!


They also could be good for “sneaky”, clever placements where big stickers won’t work. My general idea is to bomb EthDenver (and associated key locations where blockchain peeps hang out) with stickers that don’t have a logo. Just a strange, eye-like thing they keep seeing in different places, in different colors…and they don’t know what it means. Until they land on :stuck_out_tongue:


Since these came out well, thinking I’ll do a small run of 5-6 designs from the SourceCred Color Exploration game. I have my favorites picked out, but if anyone wants to nominate their favorite colors, post them here!

This will cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $100. Plan is to just eat the cost myself, betting (proto boosting) that the cred flowing from this (and nodes linked to it) will cover the cost (and hopefully then some!).

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