Optimize YouTube Channel

Starting this thread to discuss how to optimize the SourceCred YouTube channel so that more people can discover and engage with SourceCred’s presentations and video content.

I’m bringing this up because I’m actually searching for all the SourceCred presentations and related materials to help myself better understand all the ways to think about and communicate the SourceCred message and value prop. In doing so realized that we really need to up our marketing game. There’s some great content out there about SourceCred, but you would never know because it’s so hard to find. This is a bit ironic considering that a short interview of @decentralion in a blockchain/open-source video is what made me aware of the project in the first place! lol

So, I think we should engage in an effort to organize our presentation materials and channels (currently YouTube). We could start by organizing all the SourceCred slides, presentations (or interviews/content), and related content into the Presentations category. We could also add the awesome banner art that @LB created to the YouTube channel along with social links. There’s probably a whole bunch more we could do too, so if you have ideas please share them here :slight_smile:

FTR I’m happy to update and manage the YouTube channel if/when there’s work to be done, but figured it would be good to first start a conversation around that so that we can move forward in the best way possible

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