Change weekly community call from 10am to 11am?

There was recently discussion in the #community-call channel on Discord about moving the Weekly SourceCred Community Call from 10am to 11am (PST). There was rough consensus there with a handful of community members, but does this pose a problem for anyone? If no objections by tomorrow, the next call will be at 11am PST/8 CET.

Actually, I thought we left the call with rough consensus for 11am.

Ah, you’re right. I saw you propose 10:30am, but didn’t realize Beanow was counter proposing 11am because I didn’t do the conversion from CEST to PST. Changed and will repost in #community-call.

Since we had a rough consensus on the call: let’s say that unless someone objects, the next call will be at 11am PT/ 8 CET.

@s_ben let’s give folks a day to object and then we’ll update the official post and the unofficial calendar invites–sound good?

cc past attendees: @LB @amico @burrrata @Beanow @nothingismagick @Bex


Sounds good. Updated post and posted in #community-call