Core role - 20 questions

  1. What are the responsibilities of Core members?
  2. Who do Core members serve?
  3. Who are our core members?
  4. How did our Core members become Core?
  5. What is it about the Core membership that makes it so their role should give 3x the Cred per emoji react?
  6. What is or what should be the responsibilities of Core members with regards to dogfooding the product/engaging with the product on the server?
  7. Should Core members be liberal with their emoji reacts? Why or why not
  8. Should Core members be frugal with their emoji reacts? Why or why not
  9. What are the expectations of Core members from non-core members?
  10. How does one become a Core member?
  11. What should a Core member have to do or demonstrate in order to remain a core member?
  12. What do you want Core to be?
  13. How can Core members use their Cred flow to improve community engagement?
  14. What can Core members do with their Cred flow?
  15. How do Core members influence the rest of the community?
  16. How does the rest of the community influence Core membership?
  17. Who/what isn’t represented in the Core membership that should be?
  18. Do we need to keep a Core membership? If so, should it look as it does not or different? If not, what do we need, if anything, to replace it?
  19. Does someone need to be a contributor first in order to be a core member? If so, for how long?
  20. If you’re in core, why do you choose to stay in core?

Bonus question: Does Core need its own private channel? What are the benefits or challenges in having a private channel just for Core and should Core members have to keep up with general discussion in the Discord or is their own private channel enough?

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