Data Analytics

I have been geeking out on the data I have been able to obtain while I have been learning about and contributing to the SourceCred project.

In my quest to learn about what is happening outside of our island I have collected Information that I am unsure of what to do with. I think it would be helpful to have an analytics channel in the SC server for such resources / open forum.

to me it makes sense for asynchronistic analytics discussion to happen in our PRODUCT category…


What it would look like with a #📊data-analytics channel:


Some Of the Things I could continue to capture / bring to surface

could easily collide with some of the co-community research @benoxmo is doing and our collective stirrings of a Newsletter that I want to say @lotusleaf had been advocating for a weeks back.

                                                   [[the hypes building!]] 

What I have been collecting:

  • Communities using sourcecred / displaying gratitude = promotion
  • Metrics we could use to measure and track our ecosystem
  • Workflows that could be evaluated / critiqued

I have been compiling sourcecred related data and placed it in here

At glance some data is seen below, I know its blurry…gotta enter the miro board and zoom in to read.

@s_ben’s post: Analyzing SourceCred data

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ Remembering reading about Seth dipping into some data a little while back.

I wanna have conversations about analytics / data / feedback with folx interested, reading through our server it seems like some more contributors might have interest in these sorts of discussions?


I’m a :+1: for your channel suggestion. Cool miro! I found myself really wanting to add to it, which is a sign that I understood what you were trying to convey! I’m not ready for a discussion, but I like thinking about seeing data ideas and going off and doing my own collecting/seeing others collecting, employing bots to collect/harvest data from the server, having somewhere to share/where they all live, and having discussions as the data sets grow - lending themselves to collaborative datasets, analysis, and conclusions. Thank you for this contribution!

PS I’m confused why “dev team” is removed from the product category in the example where data-analytics is added. I’m not really into that but don’t think it’s part of it! Like maybe it’s a mistake? just want to be clear I’m down for the channel existing somewhere that makes sense to everyone

I was being humxn . . . I didn’t to add dev team [because I can hardly see it] to the template category when I was trying to create that image, I don’t make mods to the SC server to demo them I do that elsewhere as to not confuse folx. Good eyes.