DISCORD EVENTS >> built in calendar tool

Slappin’ together a quick guide for newcomers…

Discord recently added a new feature in the last few weeks/ months i dunno it’s a blur…but basically you can add an event to the server and it will display in the upper left hand of the server.

Lay of the land :

  • one // click this button to mark yourself as interested (you will get a notification in Discord when the meeting is approaching)

  • two // here you can see who else is interested

  • three // example of “interested” selected and reminder that you can share the link to the event if desired

Creating a new event . . .

the discord hack here planner #2 for our community >> the google calendar has been the tool we have relied on in the past, and still rely on as it is a global calendar outside of the server.

  • If you navigate to the top of the opened events screen you see a tab called “Create Event” click that bad boi

  • Most of our events happen in our voice channels: 🪑meeting-room-1 however QAF happens in the 🚰water-cooler and social coding in the 👯co-working channel etc…

  • Somewhere else could be a link to a twitter-space event or zoom link etc.

  • We haven’t fiddled with the stage // it has its own nuances and limits when hosting. Screens are not an option but you can bring in more people.

  • Topic: give it a name
  • Start date / End date
  • Description (if you are recreating common events you can navigate to our google calendar to copy the text we already have pre/loaded on events present / past / future)


  • Last screen is the preview. You can always go back in and change / edit an event.

I meant to keep it lite >> lemme know if i missed something, I know these events can be added to a google calendar but that is outside of my scope of understanding. Someone will need permissions to dabble here / and the desire.

Quick demo of Stage events …