Discord Introduction Bot Questions/Actionable Items

When someone enters a new online community, a typical practice is to have an Introductions Bot. I would like to know what our community wants to ask and offer new SourceCred community members. My take on Introduction Bots is that they should:

  1. Welcome the newcomer
    Letting newcomers know we want them there is a way to encourage community-building and future contributions. A humorous tone can help build rapport just by showing we’re a personable and kind community.

  2. Provide information
    We want a bot that is useful, not spam. "Visit the Start Here channel to learn how to a) meet community members b) have questions answered c) make contributions and d) earn Cred’"offers key information and is short n sweet (aka is not a block of text that they will disregard because it’s a bot). We can also offer info on how to check one’s Cred when the Cred bot has been made.

  3. Provide actionable steps
    The main difference between actionable steps and information, to me at least, is that we suggest or ask the newcomers to do something, rather than just tell them it’s an opportunity that exists. This is where we can ask them to complete the steps in the Start Here channel, tag themselves on Discord, fill out the Contributor Profile Google Forum or look at the Initiatives Spreadsheet to see where they’d like to get started and who to contact.

The specific questions I’m trying to answer are:

  1. What information is relatively short and easy for newcomers to provide and is useful for us to know?
  2. What next steps would we want newcomers to take after joining Discord? (many are already listed in the Start Here Channel, so maybe the Intro Bot can highlight resources listed there to gain the newcomer’s attention).

All that being said, here’s my proposal first draft at an Intro Bot message. Let me know your thoughts and I’ll try to get this up and running (with some technical help) asap!

Bex’s Introduction Bot message draft:
Welcome to the SourceCred Discord! I know bots aren’t advanced enough to have feelings (yet), but I’m still really glad you’re here. I’d love to give you some next steps to connect you with the community and to get you earning Cred!

  1. The Start Here channel is your home base. You’ll find our starter resources, how to introduce yourself to the community (we don’t bite) and how to get started on working with us if you’re looking to! Complete what’s listed there, and you’ll be in tip-top shape.
  2. We’d love to know more about who you are and what your skills are. Type ‘something technical’ here to have my friend, the Tags Bot, give you tags for whichever skills you have. Don’t know how exactly to tag yourself? Check out our Discord Tags Document!
  3. Give yourself a pat on the back, you done good.
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What’s nice about a bot is when you have quick interactions with the commands displayed. Some rough layouts of how we could build this

// Introduction display //

Your one welcome sentence introduction. Where is your start?

  • ! Quick task
  • ! read
  • ! listen
  • ! watch
  • ! contribute


and for every command you make, you could have the following information displayed :

// ! Quick task //

  • task 1 : introduce yourself to the community in #introductions
  • task 2 : fill-in your profile&skilll in the XXXX
  • task 3 : attend one of our community call every tuesday at 10am PT

Once you’re done make sure to drop us a ! Quick task done with the links and date for the tasks to get your 1st :sourcecred:

// ! read //

What type of reading are you looking for?

  1. Some overview
  2. Some technical rabbit hole
  3. Some insights from the community

// ! listen //

We’ve got you covered on :

  • some podcasts that make a good introduction

  • the last community call

// ! watch //

We’re have something for you on :

  • an overview of SourceCred …

// ! contribute //

you can check-in in different places :

  • if you want to share ideas : *Discourse link *
  • if you want to code : github link to the open issues
  • Look in the #didathing, someone is maybe asking for you (!)
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I think the “Getting Involved” docs I’m writing will be useful for the intro bot content. Rough drafts will be done by Monday. :slight_smile: