Enable Cred Analysis Notebooks


We’ve found Observable notebooks really useful; they make it easy to analyze data and share results. Creating an Observable notebook is enormously easier than creating a new dedicated interface within SourceCred itself, so they allow fast iteration and exploration of concepts.

However, Observable notebooks are handicapped by a key limitation: we cannot run SourceCred’s native code inside of them. As such, we can’t re-compute Cred, or even do a good job of exploring our data structures.

This has basically blocked the Cred Analysis Notebooks initiative.

Status: Championed



Enable Cred Analysis Notebooks.

Implementation Plan

  • Enable compiling a JS file with major API points accessible
  • Publish proof-of-concept notebook that does cred analysis in Observable


Proof of concept observable notebook, with cred analysis.




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@decentralion, we now have the API file and a fairly hacky way of depending on it. Do you want to flesh this out further or leave it here for a bigger modularization refactor?

I think we should consider this completed once we’ve put a bit more polish in: i.e. publish to npm, put in documentation, and have an example cred notebook that we can publicly reference.