Cred-Weighted Roadmap Prioritization

In the coming weeks, I’m planning to write a roadmap for SourceCred, which basically documents all of the initiatives currently in flight, and lays out the different priorities we can focus on. For example, here are some of the priorities we could focus on:

  • Documenting SourceCred
  • Improving SourceCred instance management (make it easy for anyone to run SourceCred)
  • Improving cred transparency and UI (make it easier to tell why someone has cred, or see cred for a specific week, etc)
  • Build the next steps of the CredSperiment (e.g. mana, boosting and curating)
  • Adding SourceCred heuristics

I’d like to experiment with using cred-weighted voting to set these priorities. A simple approach would basically be:

  • Everyone gets to vote for as many priorities as they want
  • Each vote has a “cred power” of (user’s cred / number of votes the user cast)
  • The initiatives which receive the most cred power are “prioritized”
  • Every contribution towards a “prioritized” initiative gets a cred multiplier applied (e.g. earns 2x more cred by default).

The first step will be coming up with the roadmap and list of priorities; I’ll take first stab at drafting this, but will welcome anyone else to add initiatives. Then we could do the voting process together.

What do y’all think of this idea?


I like it :] let’s do it.

Like this a lot. Was imagining cred-weighted voting for solving governance issues generally, and I think this is a good test case.

This is awesome! Been discussing using DAOs to allow a community to manage a decentralized roadmap, but so far I don’t think anyone has done it yet. This is mostly due to bandwidth issues and also that it can be sensitive to determine who votes on what. Using SourceCred for this would be amazing :slight_smile:

Y’all can think of the initiatives category as basically seeding the set of things we are going to vote on. I like the idea of using momentum voting to do the prioritization. The things that get prioritized will receive initiative bounties.

I need to write an initiative for launching the cred-weighted initiative prioritization, so we can figure out what the dependency set is.

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