Forum Organization

Started organizing the forum categories. Thinking it makes sense to have a few high level categories, then lots of sub categories. That way visitors to the Categories page can mentally digest the information rather than being met with an intimidating wall of text. Since it’s relatively easy to reorganize categories figured I’d give it a go, then we can discuss and update things from there.

Thinking that CredSperiment is a good category for all things related to buidling/discussing the SourceCred game/protocol itself. Then Community is good for anything related to SourceCred users, outreach, and engagement. Then there’s announcement and uncategorized.

Are we happy with this? If so, great! :slight_smile:

Are we unhappy with this? If so, what would we like changed and why?


Could you post a little diagram showing the new category structure, like:

  • [Category A] (link-to-category-a)
    • Subcategory A.1
    • Subcategory A.2
  • Category B

Then maybe we go thru the (many) uncategorized topics and try to see whether they fit into the existing structure, or whether there are new categories we need.

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Also – I wonder if we should change the setting so that the forum shows the categories by default, rather than just latest threads. I notice a lot of other discourses do that.

Spent like an hour trying to figure this out yesterday lol. Found a lot of other cool features, but haven’t yet found this one. Agree, however, that it would be awesome. Will make that change once I figure out how

EDIT: one must go to - then if you’re an admin you can modify the homepage default view. (while I was at it I changed the default emoji theme from “Twitter” to “international”)

Currently in the process of reorganizing both the Aragon and SourceCred Discourse forums. Starting to see some patterns emerge: mainly that it’s good to have a section about the products and a section about the community. This ties in nicely with Y Combinator’s mantra of talk to users and build things people want. Once I have a more solid idea of what this looks like and how it ties into a larger engagement strategy will definitely add that to the roadmap with an explanation. Right now just exploring things :slight_smile:

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Sounds good. I’m a fan of your work so far @burrrata! It’s a new world of SourceCred Discourse. :slight_smile:

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Ok, so I’ve got a rough outline of how I think we might move forward:


  • CredSperiment
  • Community
  • Development

Homepage “splash” section

  • title (SourceCred: a protocol for open collaboration)
  • live feed of SourceCred Core scores
  • 3 high level features (value prop) of SourceCred

Homepage “main” section (categories view)

  • CredSperiment: everything related to discussing, using, and building SourceCred
  • Community: everything related to reaching out to the world to help them understand SourceCred as well as helping people who want to contribute to SourceCred
  • Uncategorized: catch-all for stuff that admins can then organize


  • logo, title, and tagline
  • Play: resources to play the SourceCred game
  • Deploy: resources to deploy your own SourceCred instance
  • Contribute: resources to contribute to the core SourceCred community
  • Social links: links to other SourceCred channels

The idea it to make it easy for people to engage with the SourceCred community. Having a live feed of the Cred scores from this very forum is a very interactive experience for new users and the current community. Also, if this was the main website (, then any links in tweets, the podcast, and any other outreach campaigns would directly drop people into the SourceCred community and CredSperiment. They would still see all the high level info that’s currently on the website, but they could also talk to the community to ask questions. They could start playing the SourceCred game as they learn about it!

Currently we’re about half way there. Need to figure out how to optimize the “splash” section. Then, if we’re happy with things, need to figure out how to point here.

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The next step seems like it would be to then go through all the threads in the CredSperiment and Community categories. This might involve, but would not be limited to:

  • Clearing out old threads that are outdated, inaccurate, or irrelevant.
    • Should we add an “archived” notification and/or tag to old threads so that new users don’t get confused, but users who contributed to the threads still get Cred?
  • Retroactively flowing Cred to contributions that might have not been included
    • Are we technically ready for this and/or would this be a mix of Initiatives and super nodes? Still unclear exactly how this would work
  • Organizing data into new docs, user guides, and a lightpaper that explains the entire system in one go. From this we could then create some slides and/or a “SourceCred in 5 min” presentation.