How To SourceCred?

Over the winter break I’d like to dive into the SourceCred code and deploy a few instances of SourceCred for some Discourse and GitHub communities I’m part of. How do I do that and where should I get started?

  • assuming that the SourceCred repo is the best place to start, but wanted to reach out in cases there’s other things you’d recommend

@decentralion @Beanow pinging you guys as you’re the ones heads down in the trenches the most often :slight_smile:

The README is the best place to start. Over winter break I’ll be hacking on the new instance system which will make deploying SC instances a lot more reproducible and streamlined, not sure if it will be ready in time for your use case.


No timeline. Just have some time over the winter break and wanted to dive into SourceCred to really understand how it works. Figured there’s no better way to do that then to try to deploy it.

If I have questions about stuff in the README, is it easier if I create a GitHub Issue or can I ask here?

UPDATE! Got SourceCred deployed and working locally. Still have no idea how to tune it or get plugins working, but the scripts ran and localhost showed the results. Yay! :slight_smile:

UDPATE 2! Got SourceCred to work on more Discourse forums (Aragon). It works! It really works :slight_smile:

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To change plugin settings, you want to look into using a project configuration file. And add them to your load command with --project PROJECT_FILE.

With tweaking you can have a look at cred weights. In the UI you can tweak the weights using image

If you want to store these to be “canonical weights” you can download the file with


And add them to your load command using --weights WEIGHTS_FILE