Just set up a sourcecred server to play

Hey! I am looking at this project for some months and I would like to help the community. I just have set up a sourcecred server and it seems to work really well.

What do you think is the best thing that I can try right now and give you some feedback?

Are you thinking of any devop set up to make the development or testing easier?

If you are interested to have some cred you can come and find me here: https://discord.gg/7A9dKtNU

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Hi @giorgosn, and welcome to SourceCred! We’re excited to have you here and showing such enthusiasm especially. :slight_smile:

I’m curious to learn more what kind of project you’ve set up a SourceCred instance for, or with. Can you tell us a little more about it?

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Hey @KuraFire ! I have set it up with some friends and we are looking to make it a social management hub that creates content for social media. In the meanwhile to have some fun!

Right now I have some problems to set up the grain distribution. Also, I would love to see a feature to airdrop coins based to cred.

While we may not be capable of this yet, I love the idea of creating a flow for setting up a SourceCred instance “to play” with. Like, before we necessarily have walkthrough guides for setting up an instance, we could reach for the smaller goal of having a doc about the bare bones of starting one and a few suggestions of things to try or play around with.

Think the ‘SourceCred Sandbox’ quest where new communities or new swe’s who’d like to contribute internally are prompted to fuq around with a template instance and learn a little about the abilities and limitations of the latest version of SC.

I feel like this idea could relate to the SWE Branch, the Docs Branch, and the Onboarding Branch.

For the technical support issues, we have a dedicated tech-support channel on our SourceCred Discord server, where you’ll be able to get more real-time, hands-on, and interactive support.

As for airdrops, that’s an interesting idea. Would that be in addition to regular Grain distributions?