I'm Spending June On Bettering Myself

I think that we can all agree, there’s been a lot going on over the past few months, and I for one am looking forward to spending June on some self-love and care. But there’s been tension and conflict, and I don’t want to go into this break thinking about all of that. I know I want to come out of this month off having grown as a person, and that means I have to go into it with the right intentions.

I want to go into it with love, not with pain.

Fortunately, I just planned to do a 30-day Better Life Challenge for June with my partners and housemates. It’s a free, online personal development / self-coaching activity, where each morning you get a 1–2 minute video and a prompt to fill out on the website. It’s a perfect fixed container: 30 days of spending 5 minutes each day striving to be better, reflect and grow, and get clarity on my goals and dreams.

It’s a perfect fit for what I want to use this break for, so I thought I’d invite everyone here to participate in this challenge too :slight_smile: I like the idea of working on our respective goals and betterment together, even if we’re technically doing it alone. Feels like an apt metaphor for life right now. One that brings joy to my heart.

If this whole month is just about self-love for you, that’s perfect too. I know I’ll also be spending a week on the beach and swimming in the ocean, for instance :grin:

In addition to simply filling out the prompts each day, I’m going to use the morning activity as a Tiny Habit anchor, and think about:

  • who do I want to be;
  • what do I want to contribute;
  • how do I want to be better;
  • how do I want to lead by example;
  • and where am I aligned and misaligned between my actions and my values?

I’m doing this for me, but part of my purpose in life is to be in service to others, and spending 30 days thinking of how I can do a better job at that is, for me, an act of love for others—especially for those whom I’ve failed or harmed.

That’s what I want to think about going into our taking the month of June off.

We could think about fighting.
We could think about pain.
But for just one month let’s only think about love.
Even if just for 5 minutes each day. :wink:

If you’re down to partake, sign up on Monday at thebetterlife.com and we’ll all be going through it in parallel! :partying_face:

Happy June off, friends! :heart:


I’m not affiliated with this challenge, and I don’t think they’re still doing the monthly prizes and such that the website talks about; this is just about doing personal development, which is the real reward anyway. I’ve done this once before and found it quite valuable, so I wanted to do it again having grown a LOT as a person since then.