Meeting Notes - Community Values


MEMBERS: @s_ben, @LB

TOPIC: SourceCred values, ideas about behavior and consent in the digital realm, the creation of an official “Values” doc for review.



  • Consent culture and consent education - what does consent online look like? How do we teach our version of consent/culture/values/agreements to those just entering the community?
    • Taking a page from social dance which communicates community values and expectations within the Intro Dance Lesson that most newcomers participate in.
    • What is our version of the Intro Lesson that most new folks will already need to engage with to start joining SourceCred? And how do we infuse that with communication about our culture?
    • How do we create a structured process that “forces” newcomers to learn about culture before you can come “touch brains” with other contributors online.
  • Identification/clarification of the SourceCred community’s core values:
    • Respectful communication. I.e.: focusing on contributions rather than people, “nit” clarification, taking feelings into account when you word your objections, etc.
    • Integrity. I.e.: reporting gameable cred loopholes rather than exploiting them for personal gain. topic by DL
    • Collaboration over individual speed. I.e.: the evolving review process.
    • Etc.
  • Code of Conduct, Code of Conflict Resolution, and Accountability Process
    • Another page from dance communities: having a clear communication on how conflict will be handled and resolved that is agreed to before a dancer ever attends the dance festival or can create conflict.
  • Identifying SourceCred community’s core values
    • Even just a small blurb or paragraph is a great starting point for our small community. That way there is something to grow on as the scope of our community grows.
    • Goal: define values and community norms before the community expands.
  • Check in with DL about the direction of values and what most needs to be communicated.
  • Work with Dinosaur to create these documents in a “Barebones” sense to then put through review.
    • They’ve already proposed Social Contract and Community Contract topics for discourse/github which could be a great place to quantify/discuss all of the above.


  • Offer collaboration with @anon60584824 s they seem interested in championing this initiative. Seth and LB can give thoughts/support through the process if desired.
  • Refine and post these notes in the Discourse