Mission, Vision, Values Town Hall - Series!

Hey All!

Thank you for helping make our first Town Hall a success. Our Discord Code of Conduct was ratified collectively!

This week’s it’s the start of Mission, Vision, Values (MVV).

Planning this installment in the Town Hall series has been a whoozy of a deep dive. Many have worked on this thread at sourceCred. Joie, Dandelion, LBS, EJ, Seth, Ryeder and others have worked on this in the past, and this time around LotusLeaf, Ezra, Aloysious, Seth, and myself have been working on this.

This is at least our 3rd pass over this subject, so there’s a bread crumb trail of documents and posts that document different takes and collection processes for our MVVs.

If you’re interested in a deep dive:

Here’s the thing. I knew trying to do MVV all in one week would be ambitious, but after looking at all of this work people have done, it’s clear that it’s impossible to run a meaningful ratification Values, Vision, AND Mission collectively in ONE week. We don’t want to lose anyone in the room to overwhelm or exhaustion in this important process. So, we’ll be looking at SourceCred’s VALUES exclusively this week.

In response to breaking down MVV, a Town Hall Schedule might break down to:

  • Key Elements of our VALUES Ratification Process

    • We want to honor ALL the work people have done in the past on this subject, and also have a streamlined process. To do both, we’ll be using this Miro Board as our pivotal tool.

    • We’ll be gathering values from the different values processes and proposals that have surfaced in the last year.

    • Consolidation: Ideally, for simplicity and potency, we’re aiming for 5-6 values. So, as a group, we’ll be consolidating the values on the board. Once we’ve got a good grouping of distinct values, we’ll collectively vote on our fa.

    • Dot Voting: this is a facilitation technique that we used in our Creditor Design Sprint and other generative spaces where we’ve depended on collective input to make decisions.

      • Basically, given many options and ideas written on little note cards, each person is given three dots to distribute to their favorite ideas / options.
      • The result is reliably a collection that is a good representation of the group of people present.

See you all at the Town Hall!


Just wanted to say thank you for all of your Facilitation and support in guiding us all closer to having ratified documents and processes.

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