SourceCred Newsletter: Feb 20, 2022

Bi-Weekly SourceCred Wrap-Up

:sparkles: Weekly Highlights :sparkles:

  • Be sure to attend the Town Hall for Mission, Vision and Values scheduled for THIS Tuesday, 2/22/22 from 11am-1pm. Put your best digital attire on and come contribute to the forward motion of SC!

  • Rachelll released a Funding Allocation Proposal for the next 8 weeks.

  • Prod Lunch + Chat Friday 25 Feb @ 12pm PST in the Water Cooler

  • All hands on deck for prioritizing grants for March 31 matching deadline. Let’s make some treasury/grant magic happen, ya’ll!

:date: Meetings to Note

  • Prod Lunch + Chat w/ Amrro and Aloysious! Come get in on some collective visioning and synthesizing and all things SC algorithm. See you Friday 25 Feb @ 12pm PST in the Water Cooler!

  • Community Call has a NEW MEETING TIME AND DAY! Wednesdays from 11am-12:30pm PST in meeting room #1

  • Thena’s Office Hours have been added to the calendar Mondays 12pm-2pm PT. This is an opportunity to bring any questions that need their attention. If there are many questions, we can triage priorities together. Reach out to Thena if you anticipate needing to use these office hours but they are at a terrible time for you.

:balance_scale: Governance

  • Town Hall for Mission, Vision and Values is scheduled for Tuesday, 2/22/22 from 11am-1pm. Be sure to come contribute your voice for the shaping and future of SourceCred!

  • Rachelll released a Funding Allocation Proposal for the next 8 weeks. This is a short-term solution while we experiment with the new algorithm and begin a focused organizational development phase. If enough folks have a yes to talking about this, Rachelll will organize a meeting to discuss more.

  • Ezra and Zevi have proposed a series of SoapBoxes and Town Halls to support relationality, processing and forward motion around:

    • Ghosts of Capitalism/Getting Paid
    • Conflict in Community
    • Leadership, Membership + Governance
  • Consensus was gathered and Thena’s proposal was passed for request for monthly budget for Thena and Amr for their efforts on heads down development

:earth_americas: Cultivation

:handshake: Co-communities

  • Pangea is announcing via twitter that they will be using SC to decentralize their org and its contributors’ labor and we will be re-tweeting this!
  • STACKS advocates is using CredEquate!
    • They didn’t want to start without being able to pay us dependencies
    • Shoutout to Hz for finding some solutions in the meantime

:satellite: MarComms

  • Aloysious organized a Bridge Building Demonstration w/ geleeroyale

    • Also learned about Matrix [An open network for secure, decentralized communication] alternative / backup / supplemental possibility to the Discord dilemma.
  • Moving to include invitations on twitter to our Community call, dev demos, book club and maybe QAF and future fireside with Seth and Ryeder at Stacks

  • Began collaborating on a statement of intent for the newsletter to support wider transparency about this effort

:seedling: Internal Cultivation

:globe_with_meridians: Onboarding Systems

:rescue_worker_helmet: Care Team

  • Launching a channel within discord along with a protocol and process for requesting specific types of care within the Server from those who identify as Care Team Members

:speaking_head: Facilitation

  • Aloysious saw to it that #facilitation-roles were changed to #facilitation for easier communicating and the Facilitation channel is being terraformed by a handful of folx looking to hone in on some structures that support the decentralization and demystification of facilitation!
    • The following individuals have been given the ability to summon craig: bubbles, ezra, gabriel, zevi, merrick, morgan, rachelll, willow, nav

:abacus: Treasury

  • Ezra created an awesome spreadsheet to support clarity, bottomlining, accounting and transparency for outstanding grant opportunities and Ryeder has added newer info to it (Pinned in the grants channel!)

  • An effort to prioritize grants for March 31 is underway to best utilize matching offers available to us at this time. Gabriel is bottom-lining so reach out to get involved.

:sparkles: Mutual Aid :sparkles:

  • We were able to collectively gather $250 for an internal mutual aid effort.
    • Zevi is inviting people to contribute to the mutual aid pool as they can so that when need arises we can mobilize support efforts. We currently have $97.

there is a spreadsheet for transparency and contributors can request access at any point

:computer: Product Development

  • Thena added a public doc for Maintaining a SourceCred Instance!

  • Check out Thena’s CredEquate observable! You can use this to try different weight configs on our discord server’s data to see cred results.

  • With the release of CredEquate, we are rolling out new emojis to denote the value of contributions, based on a Fibonacci curve! These emojis were brought to life in graphic form by the one and only magwalk. They are viewable here:

  • The votes are in for our naming strategy! The community agreed that: 1flow: :3flow: :5flow: best reflects our values, and is clear and legible (especially to newcomers)!

If you’re a contributor at SC and you’ve got feedback or questions please contact Zevi!

If you’re an investor, dev, or have questions about SC-- Join us in a community call where we make room for questions and newcomers to explore us as a community on Wednesdays from 11am-1230pm. Plus- see if we answered one of your questions here already, perhaps!