SourceCredWeekly Newsletter February 7, 2022

:newspaper: Weekly SourceCred Wrap-Up

Seth’s heart cry for a newsletter was at long last heard! hooray!!

:sparkles: Some Weekly Update Highlights:

  • The Community Call is moving to Wednesdays, 11 AM - 12:30 PM PST ! Join us in meeting room 1 to chat about SourceCred and get a better understanding of what this whole thing is about.

  • Some of SourceCred’s key product leaders and devs are transitioning into other opportunities in the coming months thus shifting the stewarding of product into the hands of the community as we search for devs who align with our values.

  • A small prod-squad (Thena and Amrro, with support from Merrick, Zevi & Rachel) has launched to create a scaffolding of documentation and tutorials to make the product more maintainable and viable long term. (More details in the Governance section!)

  • SourceCred community will begin experimentally using CredEquate once it launches, including newly-designed weighted Fibonacci emojis which articulate the perceived value of each contribution. (More details in Prod Dev section!)

  • We want to keep building awesome relationships in the ecosystem.Currently recruitment efforts are focused on high-skilled senior devs and token engineers who are able to on-board without much orientation in order to support the prod-squads laser focus on documentation

  • Care Team is orienting to build an “Architecture of Care,” especially focused on building skills and support-structures to weather transitions-- including facilitation, conflict repair, nervous system regulation and more!

:date: Meetings to Note

  • Community Call is moving to Wednesdays, 11 AM - 12:30 PM PST
  • Weekly SCRUM Tues @1:30pm PST (a time designed for us to plan for the week of work ahead and identify obstacles that could impact that work)
  • Tell us what you’re up to at the Weekly Update on Fridays 11am PST
  • Care Team Meeting Thursdays at 10am PST

:balance_scale: Governance

  • Planning a Town Hall to gain consensus on updated internal Grain allocation. Watch for the poll bot in #general and Please be sure to vote!

  • The prod squad rallying around the prod-circle transitions will make specific budgeting asks of the wider community, which will support them to focalize on product sustainability tasks, supporting future devs and 3rd parties to work on this product, and product users to democratically steward the roadmap in the future.

  • We paused the old instance during Radical Rest (dec 17-Jan 14), Thena wrote their first novel algorithm (CredEquate) and it’s almost ready! In the meantime, we used cred scores from the old instance and gained consensus using cred-weighted voting to decide which policy to use that best met the needs of current contributors since the January 14th return.

  • :abacus: Ezra wrote an airdrop proposal and we were able to meet the needs of community in the spirit of emergent strategy!

  • Reminder: We want to avoid spamming people. If you’re trying to get people’s attention, please consider using @contributors (instead of @community) and consider posting important updates to “general” instead of “announcements” unless it really is an announcement.

:earth_americas: Cultivation


:handshake: Co-communities

  • We have been invited to join the MetaAlliance! “An alliance of 15 value aligned communities who will share news, needs & offers from their projects in hopes of increasing inter organizational collaboration & cross pollination.” - @petheth Alisha from the ENS community is hoping to join a community call in the next couple weeks (shoutout to @zadok7.eth for this lead!)

:satellite: MarComms

  • We launched a newsletter! Planning on sending weekly on Fridays. :rocket:

:seedling: Internal Cultivation

Onboarding Systems

  • Given the nature of current transitions in the Prod Circle, we are prioritizing:
    • Senior dev recruitment (2-3+ years high skill experience and ability to hack their way through SC without much guidance or on-boarding)
    • Token engineer
    • Pausing looking for jr devs for the time being (but keep those relationships alive, ya’ll!)
  • @Magwalk designed a purdy Recruiting Graphic for Social Media sharing.

:rescue_worker_helmet: Care Team

  • Care Team has met several times to begin building context for what different skills we have present, what type of support is needed to midwife the changes and big possibilities at SC right now. Some things in the works are:
    • Weekly meetings on Thursdays at 10am
    • Experimenting with a new “5-to1” hand-signal to support group co-regulation and slowing down (thx @morganicmovement!)
    • @Zevi kicked off the Care Team doing some storytelling together
    • Using operational and somatic wisdom from @Rachelll, focalizing designing practices and cultural agreements for how we want to be together when there’s difference/conflict, blame, activation, non-relationality and individual and collective shadows surfacing.

:speaking_head: Facilitation

  • Rachelll, MorganicMovement :mushroom:, Zevi, & Gabriel Oakheart are working on a proposal for a Facilitation Orientation
  • Part of the longer-term proposal includes structures for mentorship offered from experienced Creddies for newcomers interested in taking on facilitation (shoutout to @aloysious for championing for this across the server!)

:computer: Product Development

  • Prod Squad to Rally around Roadmap for Thena’s Transition

    • Thena’s transition is underway and a squad is rallying around them to execute their transition to hand off their deep product knowledge in a good way
  • CredEquate is on the way!

    • CredEquate is flexible in configuration and uses math that’s easier to understand, making it both highly customizable across many different orgs and needs, and serving as a kind of diagnostic snap-shot that lets a community see what work is being valued.
    • We plan to use CE for one week and then take a snapshot so we can analyze what work/behaviors we are currently rewarding (tldr: Gaining broad alignment on what we value as a community based on our goals/mission at this time, and informing future visioning.)
  • MagWalk has designed epic new emojis for flowing cred via CredEquate! These emojis follow the Fibonacci sequence (1,2,3,5,8,13). These weighted emojis will allow us to place a value for the contribution and then freely emoji spam by using max. Take a look:


  • This is but a tiny snapshot of some of the moving pieces around here lately! We are bypassing perfection in the interest of emergence by doing this newsletter (thanks for your grace!)

  • Got something you’re working on and think it should be in Newsletter? Please consider attending the “Weekly Update” meeting or sending your courier pigeon with a message on your behalf where we will be gleaning this info from week-to-week! Have some feedback or can’t make it to the meeting? Feel free to message @zevi directly.

🌐 Relevant External + [How to Build a Network for Impact]( A playbook on building impact networks by David Ehrlichman + MetaAlliance + Open Roles + Chainlog

Wooo! Thank you for this wonderful first newsletter! :tada:

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