🗣️ Product Lunch + Chat

For the sake of transparency and spoons I’ll try to keep this clear and brief…

I have been chatting with @amrro and the two of us would love to gather folx to talk about SourceCred from a technical and reflective vantage.

:headstone: Product Circle has dissolved and has been removed from the calendar moving forward.

While the day is still fresh in minds for the Prod Gov meeting I’m throwing a lunch chat on the calendar // I believe this will be a casual chat / rant / vent session :

:date: W H E N : Friday 25 February @ 12pm PST.

What to expect:

Time: 1 Hour

  1. Check-ins (as per usual :ok_hand:t6: )
  2. A brief introduction to the conversation // what brought us here?
  3. Seek Consent to record : Craig Wrangling
  4. Popcorn Style Discussion

I will prepare a note in advance and am very open to a note taker if anyone feels called.

What brought us here…

:raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t6: Raise your hand if you have thoughts about the SourceCred algorithm …

What about the github plugin // Discourse?

Were feeling called to offer space for collective reflection.

:bulb: We want to be thinking about what was implemented in the past // what failed, what worked // what do we love // what does not serve us // what do we want it to do?

  • Amrro and I would like to compose some sort of documentation about trials and errors before we move onto fiddling with CredEquate.

  • It’s okay if we don’t capture all the thoughts this go around, the notes I create will be a living document and contributions will be welcome ongoing.

:brain: Please come join us for a collective reflection :brain:


Feels like a much needed discussion! Definitely have some reflections and ideas it would be good to toss into the mix.