Notification overload

I’m starting to reach “notification overload” with the forum, which I know has affected a few others as well. Part of the issue is that since artifacts and initiatives are included in the forum, its hard for me to scan for just the updates which correspond to discussion, versus which updates correspond to tracking new artifacts.

I wonder what solutions we can come up with to make it easier to find just the changes and threads that are most important and salient. If we had boosting, we could maybe do a cred-sorting so that boosted threads would get discovered most easily. Maybe for now we can have curation threads where people post links to whatever threads they think are most important?

cc @burrrata, would love to get your thoughts on how to approach this.

We’ve been adding organizational debt to this forum for over a year. Now we’re paying the price to go through everything, organize it, and update it. I’m doing this over the winter break so that it’s minimally disruptive to folks while they’re on vacation. This way we can start the new year with an organized forum and a clear set of Initiatives and goals. Sorry for the disruption.