Badges earned on Discourse

It would be cool if the badges you earned gave you extra cred :slight_smile: :yum:. If you earned all the badges you could get an added bonus, similar to video game trophies!

So I think that badges could be a super interesting tool for our internal SourceCred community if used in a way that really reflects us and the positive social impact we want from our tools.

There’s an aspect of gamifying things in the ecosystems of crypto and OSS that I think could be really interesting on a psychological/instinctual engagement level, and could potentially yield some powerful ways to engage and reward people that are nuanced and entertaining.

I’ve also seen these gamifying tactics really undercut the accessibility and nuance of a project. They can often create unanticipated friction or unintentional social incentives. SourceCred is more than a game mining Cred/Grain and I’m personally reluctant to implement badges or other gamifying aspects without making sure that they’re really and truly built for our unique community.

If we were to create a badges system from the ground up for our community specifically, I think that’d be dope af. It would need to be based in and supporting the unique atmosphere that exists in SC. A system that impacts social incentives in a way that is in alignment with our values, and that works well on a micro/macro level with the SC technology.

So from my own personal perspective, I’d say this to you @Jzjallday; hold onto this badges idea as you get to know our community. Creating and implementing something that is well aligned will require both bandwidth and context. Take the time to make sure you mesh well with the people in this community and that you understand where we’re going, the moving parts that are taking us there, and the vision that inspires us. If you find that you really like it here and spend the time to understand how we all work together, you’ll have a project ready and waiting as well as a community ready to support you as you design it.


@LB Thanks for the feedback

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:heart: :+1:

The Community Call is an excellent way to get started with that (every Tuesday at 11am PT in the Discord voice channels).

Generally agreeing with @LB here. I think we want to be careful, especially when it comes to competitive dynamics. There is a lot of potential though if done right though.

@Jzjallday, have you seen the gamified discourse badges Maker just introduced?

Participating (have 2 badges already) and watching to see how it unfolds for their community.

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@s_ben I have not, I’ll look into it and see what they have cookin, thanks!