[SHELVED] How to Get an Ambassador

Our bandwidth cannot currently support Ambassadorship at this time. This initiative is shelved and not currently active. We may eventually bring the Ambassador Program back in a slightly new form.

What is an Ambassador?

A SourceCred Ambassador is someone already in the community who wants to help you as a newcomer find your footing as you enter the project and begin contributing. An Ambassador will be a part of the Community Cultivation/Outreach Team and chose the role specifically to work with people and help them find their place in a project we love.

When you have an Ambassador you have someone who is looking out for you, having check ins with you, helping you identify where your interests and skills meet the needs of SourceCred, helping you to identify how to get started, and connecting you with folks in the project who can support you in your work.

An Ambassador relationship usually spans the first few weeks to make sure that you’ve settled in well, however, they will always be a lifeline for you to reach out to if you’re struggling or confused.

Should I request an Ambassador?

Before requesting an Ambassador, you should have moved through the first few steps of engaging with our community.

Things like:

  • Joining the SourceCred Discord
  • Reading up on the available documentation
  • Introducing yourself on Discord (via the Intro/Introduce Yourself channel)
  • Coming to a Community Call

If you haven’t taken the time to do those things, then you may want to give them a try before requesting an Ambassador. However, if you find yourself supremely stuck with any of these tasks, it’s okay to request an Ambassador anyway and get help with them.

The best heuristic to whether or not you should request an Ambassador is the question: “Am I excited to start contributing?” If you’re not quite ready to dig your hands in, then you may not be quite ready to work with an Ambassador, as their main focus will be helping you to truly get started.

How do I request an Ambassador?

For Now:

As of right now, (in our early 2020, beta.1 phase) we do not have most of the infrastructure needed to make requesting an Ambassador a smooth and seamless experience as is our goal for the future of this project. However, it’s still fairly easy to request an Ambassador for yourself.

To request an Ambassador, go to the SourceCred Discord and either send a private message to @LBS -or- go to the “#cultivation” channel and ping @LBS saying you’d like an Ambassador. Shortly after, LB and/or Bex (the two members of the Cultivation Team) will send you a private Discord message about your interest and help set up a time where you can have a voice call.

Other reading you may enjoy:

While it’s just a draft, and some of the systems outlined are not in practice yet, you may enjoy reading through the Onboarding Machine topic which outlines the process we will create for newcomers as they walk the path to becoming full fledged contributors.

You can always reach out to the Cultivation Team with questions regarding any newcomer topics. Pop by our Discord and share your questions or thoughts in the #cultivation channel. We’ll be happy to have your input. :slight_smile:

  • Since we nixed the title Outreach Team maybe it should just say, “An Ambassador will be a part of the Cultivation team…” (Later on you say “the Cultivation Team”)
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