Weekly SourceCred Community Call: Discussion

Sure. Updated topic, calendar invite.

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That’s great news!

The calendar invite says “could not find the requested event”. I had the same issue when organizing a call. The best solution we found was to send email invitations, the added benefit is that if you ever change the call time then people have the event time automatically updated in their calendar (obv. works with any other change). Oh and we made a typeform for people to submit their email, but sending a pm to you Dandelion works too I suppose.

Yeah, we’re trying to get away from GCal, but still in its clutches for now… Good tip on email invitations. I am currently the champion of community calls. If you PM me your address (s_ben on Dischord too), I can add you to event.

Added in the date/time tool. Should automatically update to the next date and show a bunch of timezones.


Woah! That’s great. Didn’t know we could do that. What’s the best doc or how-to guide to better understand how that feature works?

No idea! That’s why I wanted to try it :sweat_smile:

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I appreciate you’re pioneering attitude!

Creating a wiki in the Discourse meta docs for whenever we find the answer

To improve the clarity of this thread for new community members, does anyone mind if I delete all non-wiki comments from this thread?

  • pro: better information organization
  • con: might slightly decrease some of the cred that would have flowed to these comments

@burrrata: Rather than deleting the posts, lets fork them into a “Community Call Discussion”, leaving this one clean for history. That way cred doesn’t get erased. I will do this now to demonstrate what I mean.

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