A category and/or wiki for the podcast

Something like a chronological archive and a category to do recurring organization of the podcast seems appropriate to me.

What do you think @decentralion @s_ben?

A wiki page with all the episodes makes sense. As does a podcast category. Though I wonder if that will get out of hand. If we create a new category for each project (as we have done with the CredSperiment and Office Hours), we could end up with a long, confusing drop-down of categories. I wonder if we should consolidate actually into top-level categories.

I’m happy to have a podcast category. I think it’s OK to make a lot of categories, and then consolidate them later on as our needs become clearer. Also, we can nest categories hierarchically (e.g. a few are nested within the CredSperiment).

Oh cool. Didn’t realize you could do that with Discourse. Yeah could be interesting having data from more categories as well.