CredCast Update

Hey everyone!

Thank you so much for adding your ideas to my last post on starting a podcast (SourceCred Podcast Ideas).

Since writing the post I have compiled everyone’s input and created a google spreadsheet including episode titles, themes, and tentative dates for recording. I have also assigned specific individuals to each episode, based on people’s stated interests and with @LB 's helpful assistance. Participating in the podcast is of course optional! The week prior to recording I will reach out to folx to schedule group/individual interviews, which will be recorded over zoom. Feel free to look over the google sheet and add a comment in the sheet indicating if you want to be added, removed, or switched to a different episode(s). When scheduling, I will also send over a list of editable questions so we will have a road map for each interview (although off-roading is encouraged).

Please let me know if you have any questions / comments / suggestions – I’m really excited to get recording!


Looks great-- I’m super excited to participate!

Crediquette note: Since you mention “LB’s helpful assistance”, you can tag them (as in: "@LB’s helpful assistance) and they will get a bit of Cred from the post. :slight_smile:

Thank you for this bit of crediquette!

I’ve been curious; how does the Cred from the likes on a Topic split between the Author, the Tagged Person, and the Linked Topics?

Or put another way, whom does the Cred a Discourse Topic go to? What percentages -roughly- go to them?

@LB – I wrote a topic on Discourse Cred flows, both for discoverability and so as to not spam this topic. You can read it here: How Discourse Cred Flows

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