Community Care Plan Proposals

I’ve based this post off of the format @LB proposed in their Discourse post How to Start a New Project in SourceCred [Proto-doc]

Recently, LB suggested that the Community Cultivation Branch develop Divisions, where each Division takes on different facets of Community Cultivation. This post is a proposal for developing the Community Care Division.

  1. The Problem

The Code of Conduct is out of date and does not accurately reflect the current values of the community, nor does it have (what I view as) best practices for how to respond to incidents.

  1. The Mission

Create a system to support Community Care based on shared values.

This seems vague, but I want to be able to include whatever pieces are necessary to achieve this goal (whether that’s a series of docs that delineate our values, our practices, and how we respond to incidents, or one master doc with all of that in one, or whatever other option feels best.)

  1. The Success

Here are some things that I think are necessary to complete to feel like this project has been successful:

  • A list of our shared values for community interactions, clearly outlined in a document

  • A list of agreements for behaviors (“We Don’t Do That Here” is the phrasing @KuraFire uses that I like).

  • How we respond to violations/incidents

    • A document describing how we respond and enforce our values

    • Develop a team of people who handle incident response (I can outline why this is important if needed).

    • A record-keeping system for incidents

    • A system for reporting that isn’t initiated by an interpersonal conversation - maybe a form to fill out (can also explain why this is important if needed.)

    • All documents will be “living documents”, meaning there will be updates made as needed

      • An established process will be developed and agreed upon for when reviews will be made. I suggest it should be at minimum annually, and when requests for revisions are made.

I want to note that I hope to develop a Community Care system based in accountability and transformative justice, not in punishment and perpetuating harm. I believe this is not very difficult to do with a well-developed system. :slightly_smiling_face: I would be more than happy to engage in conversation about why I believe this is the healthiest thing for all communities to adopt.

  1. The Strategy

I propose we start with jams to brainstorm and come to agreements on what the content of these documents should hold. Then, 1+ individuals would write the documents (I would love to champion this). Finally, the documents would go through a peer review process similar to the one @Bex has guided us through in the documentation branch (multiple people review and make edits).

  1. The Tactics

The above-stated strategy could be best actualized through semi-regular meetings agreed upon by the team working on the process.