Community Introductions Thread

Welcome to the SourceCred community!

Please say hi and tell us a little about yourself :slight_smile:

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Hi. My name is Glen Cooper. I am the owner of bitcoin firstbits 1GLENCo. I am disabled as the result of a motor vehicle accident in 2016 (see Prior to the TBI in the MVA, I was an IP Engineer at a fintech company in Reston, VA. At this point in January 2020, I still have an unbendable knee, frequent migraines, vertigo, memory problems, unable to code anything since the accident. Hoping I can become a productive member of society again someday working for a Non-Prof.

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Hey hey,

Louis here. Had this discourse account for a while but I’m about to become a bit more active as I have more time on my hands now :slight_smile:

I’ve been working as a community lead – and a bunch of other things – at Aragon in the past (with @burrrata :raised_hands:) . Today I’m spending time ugrading my hacking skills helping and Want to dig more into how sourcecred could work with ExpertDAOs!

Cheers :raised_hands:

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Hi everyone,

I’ll introduce myself briefly. Javier Canovas. Assistant professor at Open University of Catalonia (Barcelona, Spain). Researcher interest in mining repositories and software analysis (with emphasis on what governs software projects).

I discovered SourceCred late 2019 but came back again after attending a presentation by @decentralion at the metagov initiative.

I’m now rediscovering SourceCred and analyzing its output (mainly cred.json). I’m exploring how SourceCred could help me to discover governance models in OSS projects. Any help is more than welcome.


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