Created the #didathing category

Here’s a meta-#didathing for you: I created the #didathing category on Discourse. We’ve already had a #didathing channel on Discord, which in practice has been one of the most active and interesting channels on the chat. However, since discord chat is ephemeral, it’s hard to keep track of the work people are doing over the long term, and to give cred to people for the things that they’re doing.

@noman and I discussed this together, and decided that we should switch #didathing to the Discourse. In the future, when you do something, please write a post about it here! Then you can link to the post into Discord, so people following the chat can see it (and it might spawn further discussion, either here or in the Discord). Also, please take the time to see if any other #didathings are relevant to the work you did, and thank them / link to them in your post.

Once we add Discourse support to SourceCred, these #didathing posts will absolutely be an important source of score for SC contributors. It’s important that we have ways to reward people for non-GitHub-based contributions, and I think #didathing will be an important part of that.

Happy #didathing-ing!