How do we want to do Winter Break 2021?

Let’s figure out how we want to take a break!

Today’s Town Hall (notes to-be-finished) showed that contributors definitely want a break this winter, in keeping with existing precedent. There’s some disagreement as to how we want to do the break. Some people want to value rest and work at the same level; others want recognition for the value of work done over break. Some people are concerned that if they are paid at current rates, they won’t have enough money. Many people want an ongoing social call that people can go to during break.

I know I got a little lost in the weeds during the call, so here’s a temperature check!

1. Which do you prefer?
  • Work and rest done over break valued equally
  • Work done over break valued higher than rest
  • Rest done over break valued higher than work

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2. Would you be comfortable with your cred score staying the same as it is now for the whole break?
  • Yes
  • No

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3a. Would you be comfortable receiving the same amount of money as you are receiving now for the whole break?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe (plz comment below)

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3b. If “no”, would you feel good about receiving mutual aid instead of cred for work done over break?
  • Yes
  • No

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4. How do you want to be paid over break?
  • One lump sum before break
  • Two lump sums: one before break, one in early January
  • Something else

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5. Do you want to go to work meetings over break?
  • Yes
  • No

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6a. Do you want to go to social meetings over break?
  • Yes
  • No

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6b. If “yes”, would you feel good about those social meetings being unfacilitated?
  • Yes
  • No

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Do you prefer the break lasting…
  • Dec. 15th (Wednesday) - Jan. 16th (Sunday)
  • Dec. 13th (Monday) - January 16th (Sunday)

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:tada: Thanks for poking all those buttons! :tada:

Please do respond to this post with more questions and comments!

Before we take a break…

We definitely need to decide how we’re going to pay people over break (plus a little ways past). (Here’s a post to discuss funding allocation!) Is there anything else we need to do before we break?


For my part: I’m a “maybe” on 3a. If the peg were to stop dropping now… it could be doable? If the peg kept dropping over break, I would have a hard time paying all my bills. (It doesn’t sound like that’s the plan, though, from what I understand from today’s conversation. Go check this post for more about how & how much we’ll be paid this winter.)


Now that I’ve had some rest, here are some more things that we need to do / decide on before the break (nudged by @s_ben, @AL0YSI0US, @benoxmo, @Jolie_Ze, and more):

  • Communicate to world-at-large that we are on break (tweets; a note on our website; a note on the Discord)
  • Communicate to our co-communities that we are on break (let them know our response time is going to be slower and we’ll only respond to certain things)
  • Decide what “certain things” we will respond to, and who will do it
    • Would we be able to skate by with one person “on call” for emergencies every week? What would constitute an emergency? (A user-group trying to do payouts and it failing? More than that?)
  • Decide how we’re handling Grain requests over the break.
    • Are we going to be using a Grain request format to redeem, or will we just drop money into people’s linked accounts? If the latter, how do we want to handle opting in/out of automatic payouts?
    • Either way, how often will we be paying out?

My comments:

It would be nice if we could have our official “come back from break” day be the 18th, because MLK day is the 17th and there are often protests/workshops/etc that day. But open to others thoughts on this too.

3a. If the peg were to stop dropping I could be okay, but if it kept dropping I would have issues with paying bills.

4. How do you want to be paid over break? I don’t super strongly about this one. I could get paid in a lump sum before break or in two lump sums, have a small preference for one lump sum.

6a/b: Social meetings over break. Super down for these to be chill and unfacilitated, once a week. I am kinda imagining having a round of check-ins about how we’re doing and a round of check-ins about what we’re up to/what we’re focusing on.


Here is my official proposal for the break. Commenting is enabled, so mark it up if you have thoughts. Miro | Online Whiteboard for Visual Collaboration


oooo BABY

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Some updates from today’s Town Hall (notes to-be-finished), in addition to Thena’s proposal above:

Break Dates

The majority was in favor of break lasting December 15th (W) - January 17th (M). This means our last day would be a Tuesday (Dec 14th) and our first day back would also be a Tuesday (Jan 18th). Mmmm, symmetry, kinda.

Valuation & Compensation

Some people are concerned that their work will not be valued via Cred over the break. Some also feel that they haven’t been making enough money (especially with the continual Grain peg drop!). The group soft-agreed that we should use a cred & grain distribution strategy that works for most folks and then individually help out the edge-cases. If you are worried that your work won’t be valued & compensated enough over break, tell us about your needs! Here is a handy dandy Discourse post where you can write them out.

  • This shows an underlying issue that has been going on for a while. From what I understand, many devs feel that GitHub contributions are weighted too low. We will need to discuss this further and find some solutions after break.

Work to be done during break

Work to be done before break

  • Decide how much $$ we want to airdrop for the break. I’ve heard $60k and $80k.

  • Decide how we’ll resynch afterwards

    • community call, but at what time/day?
    • Weekly update that focuses on what we did over break?
    • also gotta make a post-break meeting to discuss how we’ll allocate $$ moving forward
  • Communicate our break
    • To the outside world
    • To our tithers & co-communities
      • Message each, let them know what we will & won’t be responding to
    • To inactive contributors
      • Changes in Grain & payouts over break & beyond