Unmet Needs & Break

This is a thread to talk about worries regarding not getting what you need from our coming winter break!

Check out the current proposal (as of December 3rd), to which you can add comments. (Thanks to @blueridger for creating this proposal!) At the bottom of the proposal, there’s a link to this handy simulator for imagining what this proposal actually looks like in terms of how much money everyone would make.

If you read through all this and you’re worried that you won’t be paid enough over break; that the work you choose to do over break will not be recognized; or something else – talk about it here! We want to make sure everyone is taken care of. If I get >$3k for break, I’m happy to move some of that money over to folks who need it more, and I’ve heard others express similar sentiments.

So yeah, tell us what you need so we can get it to you!

(This post isn’t going to be the only place to talk about this. We’re having another call on Monday, December 6th from 12:30 - 1:30PM PST on the Discord to hash out more details. But if you can get some of your thoughts out here, it’ll be easier to incorporate your needs into the discussion! And if you get stuck on writing, feel free to hit me up and we could schedule a call or something.)

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