Proposal: Organizational Wind Down Pay

Organizational Wind Down Pay Proposal
WorkGroup: @HartVyne with Support from @AL0YSI0US, @ezraU, @s_ben

With Our Transition to Open Source, a small group of folks have been entrusted with key projects as outlined here by @BlueRidger and other Active Contributors. As we approach completion of the List, this proposal aims to Cover Retroactive Pay for the month of March.

-Numbers were obtained through direct outreach with the aid of this questionnaire by Aloysious and Myself, supported by data from our February Airdrop

Contributors for the month of March:
Aloysious: $4500
Amrro: $5000
Damilola: $500
Ezra: $5000
Gabriel: $4500
Marcie: $950
Rachel: $1000
Sandra: $500
Seth: $4500
Sshmm: $2000
Zevi: $1000

Total Salary: $30,150


-While work was almost entirely derived from the list above, we knew going into this month that there would be crucial items that were not covered, and via our outreach and discovery, aimed to include these folks. Clarification and Context for individual contributors can be provided upon request as needed

-Based on current reporting and known liabilities, it is within our budget to pass this proposal before grain Sales finish, allowing us to pay folks who have been without compensation for approx. 6 weeks.  

-Following the end of grain sales May 1st, @EzraU will be hosting a town hall on May 9th to decide how we might further distribute resources to contributors via mutual aid or stipend. 

Please Let us know if you have any questions or feedback. 


Thanks for all the work on this @HartVyne, looks good to me!

Also much thanks for everyone that has been working during the wind down without pay. Not the funnest of times, but happy to see we’re winding things down as responsibly as possible.


Looking forward to the town hall, we tend to sort things out well together when we gather. If there’s a title for the upcoming town hall @kingsdami and myself could make sure it’s placed on the google and discord calendars for visibility.

@HartVyne, Thank you for writing this up and all the in-betweens that went into tracking down information. :pray:t5:


Looks good, here’s an airdrop spreadsheet for gnosis:

Just waiting on an address from merrick


I did setpayoutaddress with the credbot and my address is included in the sheet now. Thanks Thena for the ping & walkthough.

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