Announcement: Taking December Off

Internal Project Announcement: SourceCred is officially taking the month of December off. Most normally scheduled meetings are cancelled, and participants of the SourceCred community are encouraged to take a break! Here’s some helpful context regarding our collective time off:

  • There will be a “Grain Bonus” at beginning of December for all recently engaged and opt-in activated participants of SourceCred to ensure the time off doesn’t negatively impact their income stability.
  • Weekly “immediate payouts” will stop during December to decrease Grain incentive to keep working instead of caring for yourself. The weekly “longterm payouts” will still be in effect and will continue to pay out Grain based on your history of Cred.
  • You can still contact our Treasurer “panchomiguel" throughout December to sell Grain.
  • Our calendar has been updated, and most regular meetings removed for December. Use it to see which regular meetings have stopped and feel free to schedule any open social time or community events you’d like to host (if you have trouble adding to the calendar; ping Faruk, LB, or another participant who has calendar edit access well ahead of time).
  • Expectations for Participants:
    • Take any and all time you may need during December to orient on your personal life and support your personal well-being.
    • You can keep working on SourceCred if you genuinely want to, just be aware that there may be less review/collaboration bandwidth from others.
    • This may be a good time to work on interesting side projects if you’re so inclined!
  • The Discord server is still an open social and work space, please feel free to use it. Play "Among Us”, chill in the #-watercooler channel, host a bookclub, etc.
  • We will still have weekly Community Calls through December, though they will be even MORE relaxed than they usually are.
  • There will be one Cultivation Trunk Meeting in the middle of December, this is completely optional and will be hosted in a relaxed manner.
  • Newcomers please note that you may receive fewer responses in the Discord to questions or comments, but that we will be back in January. Please come to our Community Calls which occur weekly even through December.

Feel free to ask questions or leave thoughts in the comments! Happy month off to all!