Winter Break 2021

Here is a centralized post with all the info you need to know about SourceCred’s Winter Break 2021. If there’s something that needs clarification or editing, lmk.

What’s The Deal With This Break?

The Basics:

What: A time for contributors to chill. You can do what you want, whether that’s rest or work. Get some nourishment, whatever that looks like for you. All work meetings are cancelled.


  • December 13th (Monday): Final call for Grain payouts before the end of Break. Airdrop payouts go out.
  • December 14th (Tuesday): Last day before break.
  • December 15th (Wednesday) - January 17th (Monday): Winter Break
    • Tuesdays, 11am - 12:30pm PST: Informal hangout calls in the Meeting Room on Discord
  • January 18th (Tuesday), 11am - 12:30pm PDT: Opening our first day back with a Community Call
  • January 19 (Wednesday), 2-3:30pm PDT: Meet for funding allocation demos
  • January 21 (Friday), 11am-12:30pm PDT: Ratify a new funding solution or do the stop-gap in Thena’s proposal

How are current contributors getting paid?

We’re distributing a month’s worth of payments ($70k total) at the start of break. We have averaged each contributor’s Cred score over 8 weeks (October 18th - December 6th) and will pay out according to your percentage of Cred. You can see the breakdown for exact amounts each contributor will receive in this finalized proposal.

Note: you’re going to be paid whether or not you work over break! We really do want you to choose how you spend your time. Do what feels nourishing to you. Grain distributions will pause for break. Cred will continue to be minted. We’re still deciding what we will do to make sure that everyone feels valued and seen in both their work and their rest. We will hold meetings after break to make sure everyone’s needs are met.

What about inactive contributors? How can we get paid?

If your averaged Grain score was above 50 over the 8-week period, you’re eligible for the airdrop! You must opt in to get paid. See the aforementioned ratified proposal to see if you’re on the list and how to opt in.

If you have been less active, you can request a normal Grain sale – so long as you do so before December 13th. (I sent out Discord messages to make sure Grain holders are aware of this on Friday.) Grain sales will not occur over the break unless you are experiencing an emergency. If that’s the case, contact the relevant users below; if not, we’ll be back and happy to give you your money on January 18th. Caps on redemptions are lifted.

How does this affect SourceCred users & co-communities?

We’re going to be a little less available! We do have people on-call for tech support and other key emergency work. We’re here to support you in making sure your current configuration runs, but we won’t be available to help you build something new over the break (unless one of us is extremely excited about doing that). If something is going wrong, please do reach out to the people listed below for help, and we look forward to supporting you with greater depth & availability after January 18th!

On-Call Skeleton Crew

We will have a skeleton crew around to keep an eye on things and put out any fires. That skeleton crew is as follows:

Tech Support: @topocount & @s_ben

Discord Moderation: @magwalk, @AL0YSI0US, & @Jolie_Ze

Twitter: @benoxmo & @AL0YSI0US

Treasury: @Jolie_Ze, @benoxmo, & @topocount

Any questions or edits?

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