Work We Gotta Do During Break

We went over a lot of stuff at today’s Town Hall (notes to-be-finished)! One thing we need to dive deeper into is what work needs to be done during our coming Winter break. Here’s the stuff I see as necessary:

Emergency Tech Support

What: Making sure that if something is exploding in someone’s instance, we can take care of it. (If it’s only smoldering a little, though, it can wait 'til we’re back.)

Who: @topocount and @s_ben said they’re down to cover this, with Kevin leading and Seth doing backup.

Emergency Moderation

What: Making sure that if we get a pile of trolls or bots, we kick 'em out. I think it would involve looking at the Discord like, once or twice a week.

Who: Undecided. Could it be you, dear reader?

Emergency Twitter

What: Similar as above; making sure that if we’re getting trashed in the tweets, we can respond. I think it would involve looking at the Twitter like, once or twice a week.

Who: An enigma. Oh audience, is it you?

Emergency Treasury

What: As @magwalk suggested, this might involve setting a couple of days mid-break (ex. Jan 3 - 5) when people who really need money now could get some requests in.

Who: Some beautiful and mysterious multisig-holder.

Anything else?

Anything else we really need to cover? Do some of these seem excessive and unnecessary? Drop a comment.


I could probably manage the emergency moderation piece. Would be happy to do a quick once-over of the channels to look for messages, look at #introductions and let folks know to come to the community meeting on the 18th if they wanna get acquainted, and kick out bots/trolls.

One question I have about this task - how do we know someone is a bot? Trolls are easy to spot… if someone’s being blatantly awful, duh… but curious if folks have examples of things they’ve seen in the past?


I’ll watch out for the trolls!


It’s me. You can’t stop me.

Hello dear readers,

I am here to assure you that I will not be taking so much of a break as we all may thinking or dreaming of for I will still be a full time governance geek of the data analysis and community organizer variety on myriad quests and side-quests amongst many servers. I shall brave these treacherous waters of emergence in our community that you speak of should I see them on the horizon in my journeys whilst you all are away.

I volunteer as tribute for:

  1. Emergency Moderation &
  2. Emergency Treasury

Note on Emergency Treasury

There either need to be two such beautiful and mysterious beings available to complete the task OR we need to switch the minimum signer to one instead of two for the purposes of this break.


I’d be happy to join :slight_smile:

  • the twitter emergency
  • the treasury emergency with @Jolie_Ze (haven’t done yet but glad to learn it)
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Heck yeah! I’m hearing:

Tech Support: @topocount & @s_ben

Moderation: @magwalk, @AL0YSI0US, @Jolie_Ze

Twitter: @benoxmo EDIT: and @AL0YSI0US

Treasury: @Jolie_Ze & @benoxmo (who will need perms & intro to it) EDIT: and @topocount


Good question! I wonder if @blueridger or @Jolie_Ze have thoughts on how to spot a bot?

I’ll be glad to support treasury in addition to tech support


@benoxmo won’t be solo, I can still scout [I support other projects on twitter so ill be out and about anyways] / catch twitter-space events / love on co-community shares. Just won’t be drafting anything to write from SC twitter-deck.

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Looking for somewhere to put this and it may be better to start a new discourse post but for now I will lay them out here. They are a mix of personal opinion and what I’m gathering from our conversations and notes.

Questions to answer upon return from break:

  • Who runs weekly community calls?
    • Community call working group?
  • Grain Instance will have been turned off with Cred running, do we want to keep it off or turn it back on?
  • USDC Instance was used for the airdrop, do we continue to use this to calculate USDC distributions moving forward?
  • “Ecosystem” / MarComs Circle formation organizing
  • Next steps in our onchain grain minting and token launch

Edit: adding

  • How to continue in a healthy manner to pace ourselves, be generous of each other’s bandwidths, and (re)incoroporate rest into our workstreams
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