Podcast guest list

This post if for organizing guests for the SourceCred Podcast. Feel free to add anyone you think would be good.

Guest Date Status
@decentralion Oct 15 (invite) Confirmed
@wchargin TBA Not asked yet
@Beanow TBA Not asked yet
@mzargham TBA Expressed interest
Juan PL TBA Not asked yet
Angie PL TBA Not asked yet
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Guest idea: Eric Arsenault? He’s cobbled together a living bouncing around different DAOs, submitting proposals. Presumably he has ideas around reputation systems, some direct experience with them. He’s written a four part series on medium about his DAO experiences (good reads). Here’s a recent interview with him from a new podcast funded by Genesis DAO:

Side note: here’s the proposal to Genesis DAO for producing the above podcast, including time/cost estimates: