[Resource Allocation] Premium/Tiered Tech Support for Instances

Summary: As SourceCred prepares to scale to more communities, we need to allocate resources in alignment with this growth trajectory. A highly constrained resource is Senior Developer time, This initiative will attempt to judiciously allocate this resource, starting with tech-support.


  • Currently the SourceCred Discord only has 1, non-permissioned #tech-support channel, no context other than the issue and the Discord ID of the requester.
    • Without distinction between tech-support issues or permissioned users, the tech-support load can get very resource-intensive.
  • Senior Devs at SC currently handle all tech-support questions with high priority
    • This negatively impacts progress on their priorities and in turn product, which is an area of focus SC needs to progress toward self-sustenance (we distribute grain from ecosystems revenue and other internal funds)


  • Give devs time back in their day to work on their priorities.
  • Give prioritized and premium support to live instances who currently support us through tithing/revenue
    • Service Level Agreements (SLAs) – TBD /Elevated levels of support


  • Two discord channels for SC tech-support
    • A non-permissioned general tech-support channel for general public and prospective DAO/communities to get support
      • Mints lower cred than premium tech-support channel
    • A permissioned premium tech-support channel for partner communities who support SC through tithing/tevenue
      • Only permissioned users from tithing/revenue supportive communities can access this channel
      • Mints higher cred than premium tech-support
      • SLA TBD

Thoughts welcome, to be ratified and implemented in the next few (working) weeks.

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This is great! I'm exploring some possibilities of what 
that could look like within the server . . . 

Say our server reflected the following:

  1. Rename ::construction_worker_man:tech-support as it is now to​:construction_worker_man:internal-tech-support (:man_shrugging:t5:)

Perhaps this channel is a permission-only channel for our internal team, and not just devs so that teams can still collaborate.

I think permissions would be good because a user without permissions for that channel would see a message that says you do not have permissions to post here and we could pin a message to the top which redirects to the Co-communities tech support dropdown

This will slow down the traffic this chat is seeing while questions begin to flow to other tech support channels. I imagine it being our internal chat for our devs.

I offer the rename first because I do not know if you can move a whole channel and keep its content. I imagine others might have some insight/ ideas.

Create a New Dropdown for Co-communities tech support which includes:

(each co-community & tithing/revenue has its own channel within the dropdown)

  • :octopus: meta-game-ts

  • :bank: maker-dao-ts

  • :robot: gitcoin-ts

  • :honeybee: 1hive-ts

  • :currency_exchange: tithing-ts (secured channel, weighted differently than the others)

Curious what folx thoughts are on the aesthetic changes to the server…where we move things what they look like.

I like to keep in mind accessibility and find @KuraFire’s input would be great to have in the loop as we look to make changes to the visual landscape of our server.

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Yes, I like this. I think support routing done in the way you’ve described would work well at this stage of scaling. Further down the line as we absolutely come to a limit (if ever), we can look into a supporting routing/ticketing system, but as it stands this method will both give devs back time AND encourage community participation for general tech support resolution, which allows for a decentralized process.

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