Using Rythm Bot - Basic Guide

After helping someone in the community to get started with RythmBot (the bot that lets you play music in Discord voice channels), I figured I’d just port over my step-by-step here for anyone who may want a super basic overview of how to use the RythmBot in Discord along with some useful commands.

The bot is called “Rythm”, and you can make it show up and play music in whatever voice channel has at least one person in it. The way you control the bot and make it do things is to use “bot commands” which are a specific word, proceeded by a “!” (Eg: !play, !pause, !join). Writing commands in a text channel will activate or direct the bot.

Try playing with Rythm bot:

  1. Go to your Spotify and choose a song you’d like to test with. Click on the “share” option and copy the song’s URL. (You can probably use any music platform that generates URLs for sharing.)
  2. Join any voice channel on our Discord. #watercooler is a good channel to play around in.
  3. In Discord, give yourself the Role “DJ”, this will allow you to give commands to the Rythm Bot. (Whether or not someone can give themselves this role still needs to be tested.)
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the Discord channel column to find the “#bot-commands” channel and click to open it. This is were we dump all our bot commands for any bot, so that the commands don’t clutter up conversation channels.
  5. Type “!play Song Name/URL” substituting the name of the song you want to play, and the URL you copied from Spotify (or other music service) in step one.
  6. The song should start playing automatically in the voice channel you’re in.
  7. Experiment with other commands to pause, resume, skip, change master volume, add more songs to the queue, clear the queue, play an entire playlist or album, etc.

Commands you may find useful:

  • !play name/url - plays the song at the URL (you can also use this any time a song is playing to add another song, album, or playlist to the end of the queue).
  • !play playlistURL - sequentially plays the songs in the playlist URL (url found in the same Spotify share mechanism).
  • !disconnect - kicks the bot out of the voice channels !skip - skips the song that’s currently playing
  • !loopqueue - puts the whole queue on repeat
  • !join #name-of-voice-channel - summons the bot to a specific voice channel of your choice
  • !resume - restarts paused music !clear - clears the queue completely (without interrupting your current song)
  • !replay - resets your current song to its beginning
  • !pause - pauses the music
  • !volume - checks the current master volume
  • !volume 20 - changes the master volume to 20 (or whatever number you choose)
  • !shuffle - shuffles the queue

Check out more bot commands or Rythm’s FAQ.